Resist the devil

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#100days_of_prayer day:11(1Peter 5:8, Luke 15:11-24, Isaiah 54:14,17)

#100days_of_prayer day:11(1Peter 5:8, Luke 15:11-24, Isaiah 54:14,17)

The Christian life gives us eternal salvation; the power to recover from losses and live in peace and dominion. Anyone who once lived a prodigal life (Luke 15:11-24) understands what it means to be forgiven at zero cost. Hence, if we compare our redeemed lives to that of the prodigal son: the question is, did we return to misbehave in our Father's house or kingdom? No. We are redeemed, we correct the wrongs and grow into dominion physically and spiritually.


The Christian life is, therefore, a sacrificial one; a chance to be recreated (born again) and live in the paths of righteousness; Recover lost territories in every form of it; preach the gospel of salvation that you received and currently enjoy... and like Jesus said, "...he went about doing the Father's work (Luke 2:49)". We're made pure (Isaiah 54:14) and shielded (Isaiah 54:17) when we serve the LORD in truth and in spirit.


The Devil doesn't rest and constantly battles Christians to return to sin, that they may lose the glory of the Father and face damnation with him in hell (1Peter 5:8). The devil will wage wars but fear not, pray and never never ever surrender.

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* My Father, I refuse to return to my prodigal state, help to live on the paths of righteousness


* Give me grace to follow and serve you better


* Fill me with your righteousness and protect me always


* Pray your prayer points


* Give God thanks in worship