Don't miss heaven

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John 3:16, Accept Jesus before it's late

At every phase of a person's life: there's a necessity that tops the chart; a necessity that is most important.


At phase babyhood: it's often mother’s attention and more breast milk.

At phase childhood: we needing more play time, food, education and more.

At phase teenagers: cravings for independence and explorations;

At phase youth: we just want to succeed in our endeavours.

At phase old age: we want everything we built to survive many generations unborn.


Opinions may differ as per needs, but get the message: something tops the chart of your cravings.

Sometimes, we plan and work towards achieving a future necessity cos experience has taught us that “what you sowed, you will reap”.

So a student studies towards a glorious graduation and become a hotcake in the labour market or self-employment.

An athlete trains hard to win medals in the coming completion or games.

In similar manner one choses God’s kingdom through Jesus before departing the earth and receives the visa of eternal bliss?


At the final phase of life called death:

The soul will not crave the norms of planet earth;

The soul will not crave wealth, it’s useless there;

The soul will not crave properties and all the money kept in the bank.

The soul simply needs a perfect resting place, but can only reap what he sowed.

The most important necessity at the final phase called “death” is a place to spend eternity. Not forgetting also, that not everyone is blessed with long life so accept him today.


Make that important choice today cos if you miss heaven then only eternal agony in hell is left.


If a pandemic is an agent or catalyst of death, there’s nothing new about what it brings cos the fate of death was born from the moment Adam and Eve sinned… death is the most feared fate on the earth; sadly, everyone is on the queue and heading towards their day.

Some have made their eternal habitation choice already: Heaven or Hell, which have you chosen?

To accept Jesus as your LORD and savior means you have chosen Heaven and it costs you nothing to oblige. Shun every voice of the devil and run to Jesus today.


If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your LORD and you want to right now: please follow the salvation prayer steps below with a surrendering heart and say:



Dear LORD Jesus,

I thank you for your kindness.
Thank you for not abandoning me to my mistakes, but reaching out instead to bring me back to my rightful place.
I’m sorry for my sins;
I believe you're the Son of the living GOD.
I believe that you died on the cross for my sins and resurrected on the third day by the power of YAHWEH.
I invite you LORD Jesus into my heart.
I surrender my life to you today to take control of my life forever.
In your powerful name I believe I am redeemed. Amen.


Welcome and congratulations my friend, you are born again. Get a Bible or read online Bibles to know more about Jesus and the kingdom of God; you can also join our Christian social network ( ) where you can meet other believers to help you grow. Do follow our Facebook page ( as we are on ground always to teach, counsel and pray with you as you grow in God’s kingdom.

Be at peace: you’re shielded from every disease, pandemic and every force of hell. Every negatives and chains of darkness operating in your life is hereby broken. Dwell in joy everlasting and prosper in Jesus mighty name: Amen.