Which cardio machine will give you the best workout?

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As if getting yourself to the gym didn’t take enough mental power,

Which cardio machine will give you the best workout?


It was as if going to the gym wasn't enough mental energy. when you get there You will find a building full of navigation devices. You narrow your exercise plan to cardio, which helps, but then find yourself staring at a few machines that will get it all done.

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Should you jump on the treadmill? Perhaps an elliptical or stationary bike might be a better choice. You've heard of the StairMaster as a true calorie burner. What's the best exercise for you?

It turns out that they were all - but for different reasons.

One cardio device is no better than another, Amanda Katz, Equinox personal trainer and group fitness coach, told TODAY. "It depends on your individual goals and what they like to do," she said. The best is an option that you can stick to over time and maintain