China crackdown on unauthorized game broadcasts

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China has signaled it will begin actively enforcing regulation

China cracks down on livestreaming of 'unauthorized' games | Engadget


China has signaled that it will begin enforcing rules prohibiting live broadcasts of unlicensed games,

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according to Reuters, the country's national radio and television office said on Friday that all internet platforms are "unauthorized". “Strictly forbidden” from streaming government-approved titles According to video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad,

China has always stipulated that games must be officially licensed first. They can distribute or stream locally. But it is rarely enforced after the ban. Such behavior has led to games like Elden Ring,

which are not officially approved for sale in China. It can find a large audience on platforms like Huya Ahmad, noting that FromSoftware most recently garnered an average daily audience of about 17 million in its first week of launch.