Prettier in Pink: The Motivation for Rebuilding Japan's Cherry Blossom Season

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Japan's famed cherry blossom season blankets the country

Prettier in pink: the push to remake Japan's cherry blossom season | Tuoi  Tre News


Japan's famous cherry blossom season covers the country with the tree's delicate white flowers. The valuable and popular "Somei-Yoshino" It brings joy to both residents and visitors alike. But some people want a change.

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The season created a national frenzy. as the oracles compete to announce that when the full bloom will come and unroll a Japanese picnic blanket for the sometimes boisterous flower party. at least before the epidemic which accounts for more than 90 percent of the cherry

blossom trees planted in Japan. They live only about a week and tend to emerge simultaneously in a given region because these trees are clone of a single specimen. and while the tree is synonymous with the season of bloom It's a headache for urban planners