Prison break

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#100days_of_prayer day:33(Genesis 41:14; Psalms 69:33; Psalms 142:7; Psalms 146:7; Luke 4:18; Act 5:19).

A bird in a cage is alive and can fly but limited by the size of the cage; the bird in the cage can only eat what is allowed by the captor.

A free bird, on the other hand, has the freedom to explore the world and reach where ever it desires and gets anything unrestricted.

A caged life is a limited life; and it happens even to Christians for diverse reasons (normal siege, spiritual warfare, or chastisement). It is hard to minister effectively when one is caged; it's extremely hard to make good profits in business and career when one is caged.

The beginning of a caging experience is often calamity: our prayer aim today is to set the captives free. Examine your own life and pray to be released from every kind of prison.

David prayed asking GOD to release his soul from prison; beloved, life in a cage can quench the fire of a great destiny.

Man cannot help you (Genesis 40:23), GOD is the alpha and omega, the creator that turns thing around in seconds. You can win again

* Thank you LORD for life
* Revive me oh LORD
* Have mercy upon me for my iniquities
* I repent from my sins and errors
* Release my soul from prison oh LORD
* Release my business from prison
* Release my marriage from prison
* Let everything about me begin to flourish
* Pray for someone you know
* Pray for the world against this pandemic prison
* Give GOD thanks in worship