The LORD's timezone

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#100days_of_prayer day: 34 (Isaiah 60:20; Revelation 21:23)

Sometimes the barrier is depending too much on the standards of the earth. Being too conscious of earthly norms affects the potency of one's faith.

The earthly norms of time and season could say "sunrise in one region is sunset to another"; day and night; seasons. Just pray and forget the odds. These protocols don't apply to the GOD of time.

When the creator of time steps into your matter, every day and every time shall be sunrise for you because HE said it... Isaiah 60:20

* Thank you LORD for life
* Thank you for your constant protection
* Let your promises be manifested in my life
* Be my everlasting light
* Don't let my moon withdraw itself
* Let the days of my mourning be ended
* Pray for someone
* Pray for the world
* Give GOD thanks in worship