Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

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#100days_of_prayer day: 35 (Luke 11:1-4; Psalms 100:4)

If the Lord’s Prayer template was divided into segments. The first segment would be that of worship unto the LORD (Our Father in heaven Hallowed be thy name).

I believe it was placed first deliberately; everything GOD does is for our good. Hence, to get the proper attention of the LORD, one MUST enter HIS gate with thanksgiving in the heart; one MUST enter HIS courts with praises.

Therefore beloved, begin to worship HIM, thank GOD for sustaining you in the days past. Thank HIM for everything you can imagine; do this with the purity of heart and your week shall have a unique experience.

* Thank you LORD for life
* Thank you for your constant protection
* Thank you for everything I forgot and can remember
* Accept my gift of worship, my GOD
* Accept my praises
* There's none like you, my GOD
* I just want to say I love you
* I just want to say thank you LORD
* Give GOD thanks in worship