Defeat the enemies of purpose

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#100days_of_prayer day: 38 (Jonah 2:2; Romans 8:19; Luke 22:42; Genesis 37:9; Genesis 39:19-21)


Like young Joseph, you probably saw a vision of your destiny on the earth. Many years has passed and you wonder why you aren't living or manifesting already.

Sometimes, one is divinely kept till a set time to deliver; while some others had it rough at some point in the execution leading to a halt; another sets are scared of themselves, scared of what must become.

For many with a great assignment on the earth has battled the devil at some points in their lives; truth be told, many lost the battle against the accuser... but, victory over these battles grants access to the next level of the project; It's a norm and a part of the great plan.

While many like Joseph escaped Potiphar’s wife, went to jail and triumphed... a lot others were like Jonah, fleeing from the mandate. The good news is that you can recover from whatever state you find yourself. Jonah said: out of the belly of hell cried I, and thou heardest my voice.

Today we are praying that we begin to manifest that which is the reason for our existence... yeah, if one understands this as we read, then it is your time. Be released from every bondage and begin to manifest your callings in the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen

Pray for an understanding of your destiny, mandate and purpose on the earth. When you understand your purpose, the greatest force of faith is born within you and you can face anything head-on without fear.




* Thank you LORD for the gift of life

* Set me in motion my GOD

* Give me an understanding of my destiny

* Let every divination and spells of idleness and inertia be broken

* Release me from the belly of hell

* Let your will be established in my life

* Pray for someone

* Give GOD thanks in worship