Power of the tongue

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#100days_of_prayer Day: 39 (Proverbs 18:21; Job 1:22; Psalms 30:5)

Have you read or heard that there's power in the tongue; that the power to life and death are in the tongue.


The kingdom of darkness do not joke with this principle and so they work tirelessly to make a believer use that power organ of theirs on themselves.


The Bible in Luke said the devil left Jesus after the temptation for a season, this further means that the accuser returns always to try again.


If you have to fast in the mood of repentance to master the use of your tongue, do it. Many times, the storms we see is to trigger a speech in season... We need to grow deeper in spiritual wisdom. If you need to break relationship to master this art, do it.


Every time the storm arrives, watch your speech more than anything. Be like Job, the Bible said in chapter 1:22 of the book of Job; That he sinned not nor charge God foolishly. God help us always beloved.


Maintain a stable heart no matter what. It's not easy, but try. It's the way of the LORD for weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.




* Thank you LORD for the gift of life

* Have mercy upon me for every negative utterance in moments of anger

* blot out my iniquities and forgive my weaknesses

* Guide me to use my tongue in righteousness

* Pray for someone

* Give GOD thanks in worship