Nothing shall be impossible

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Luke 1:37, Nothing shall be impossible

It's Day 2 of #100days_of_prayer. Fire on beloved, for with GOD nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37).

When God is set to turn your story around... your past, your history of sin and errors, even your doubts amounts to nothing; for you shall be as Naaman who came out of river Jordan with skin as fresh as a newborn baby.

That which the world has labeled impossible is possible with God. That which you doubt as Sarah did is possible with God and you shall be filled with Laughter.

Prayer (fill in the gap)

* LORD I thank you for your grace upon my life
* I submit this you and believe only you can do it for me
* Settle me Oh LORD and may your name be highly exalted for my sake

May GOD grant your righteous requests and desires in Jesus's mighty name. Amen