Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

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Psalms 122:6, 2 Peter 3:9... pray for your world

#100days_of_prayer Day 6: Psalms 122:6
Many are sad; many hopeless and losing faith; Many are backsliding and there's a rise in persecution; crime rate and wickedness are now a norm. Christian communities and worship centers are been destroyed with many killed in many parts of the world.
The Bible stated that we're the light of the world. Let's shine our light as Christians by caring for each other and the world at large... yes we may be hated, but love is our goal hence we must intercede for the sinful world that the LORD be patient with His children.
The Holy Spirit is resident in every Christian and like our Father: it's never a Christian's wish that a sinner should perish. If the world ends today, many will perish in eternity.
While we step out to win more souls over, let's be like Abraham when He pleaded with the Father before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
* Let's pray that God looks on the earth with mercy
* Let's pray for our host countries that it shall be well with our countries
* Let's pray for souls appointed for destruction that the LORD will bring them to salvation.
* Pray that God have mercy and heal the land of China
* Pray that your name be written in the book of life